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Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be hypnotically regressed back to a past life? I was regressed and what I experienced  moved me to tears. It changed my view of life.

I was just 23 years old. A naiive hard-working university student. One morning as I was eating breakfast in local café, I was flipping through a local paper to pass the time. Just filling in time and reading what was in front of me, when an ad caught my eye. Hypnotherapy. Quit Smoking. Lose weight. Past Life Regressions. Past Life Regression really caught my attention. I had often wondered if reincarnation was real. What really happens after we die? Do we just become worm food or is there something else? Is there an afterlife? Are we born again? What do you think? Anything that might hold the answer to these questions was worth exploring so I noted the phone number. 

Later that day after I had I had attended all my classes and returned to my lodgings, I took my 50 pence and used the student pay-phone to contact the hypnotherapist. I nervously made an appointment for that weekend. I didn’t know what to expect. I had no idea how hypnotherapy worked. (The internet didn’t exist in those days so I couldn’t just watch a Youtube demonstration.) 

 Sunday came around and I drew up outside the hypnotherapist’s house in the car my grandad had given me just before he passed away. I felt excited and nervous about this little adventure. I actually thought that the hypnotist would do something that would put me to “sleep” and would then “wake me up”. I thought that I wouldn’t remember anything that had happened in hypnosis but that he would play me a tape recording of what I had said while I was “under”. I thought that it might even be me speaking in another language that I don’t know in this life and would then need to find someone to translate it for me. How wrong I was about hypnosis! 

What actually happened was that the hypnotist put me in a very comfortable reclining chair and then gave me instructions to count backwards from 100, imagining each number getting smaller and fading away as I did so. He then gave me more instructions which I followed which took me into an extrememly relaxed state, where I was so relaxed that I couldn’t feel my body. My mind was very calm and receptive. I could speak and I could hear the hypnotist. So I actually felt totally conscious, but tremendously relaxed. Not what I had expected at all !

He asked me to imagine that I was on a boat going down a river and that the river was the river of time, going into a land where time was fluid and where all times were accessible. He asked my to get off the boat and for the place that I had got off the boat to be a place where I would learn about a past life that would show me something useful for this life. I stepped off the boat and found myself in a place where the grass was very long under my feet. I wasn’t aware of much of my surroundings. He asked me to look down at my feet and describe what I was wearing. I was surprised to see that I was wearing black suede boots that came up to my knees and I could see the bottom of a skirt or a dress. So I was a woman! This took my completely by surprise because I am male and I had never had the urge to cross-dress in this life. I don’t know why I had assumed that all my past lives would be male. He then asked me to go to a significant moment in that life and I found the scene changed in front of my eyes. 

He asked me to describe what I could see. I described the scene to him. I was in a large tent. There were gas lights illuminating it. I could see an old gramophone record player, the type that didn’t run on electricity and had a horn over the needle.  The tent was a kind of kaki green colour. It was night time. There were various rooms in the tent. I went into one of the rooms and was shocked to find my boyfriend/lover in the arms of someone else. I felt totally devastated. Betrayed. In deep despair and feeling extremely hurt. The next thing I saw was myself reaching for a knife. (I was relating all this information to the hypnotist.) She turned the knife around so the blade was pointing towards her. At this point I was concerned that I would feel pain if I allowed the scene to move forwards so I froze it. I have to confess that I lied to the hypnotist. When he asked me what happened next I told him that she killed herself. I assume she did, but I didn’t feel I could cope with the pain of that so I didn’t allow the scene to play forwards. ( So you see you are in control when you are under hypnosis for past life regressions. Ultimately the decisions are yours to make ). 

He asked me what happened next and all I saw was darkness (probably because I had ‘turned off’ the ‘movie’). He then asked me to go to another life that would show me something useful for me. I instantly found myself in a modern-designed flat. It could have been anything from the 1950s. It was pretty luxurious and was by the sea. I saw the same man who had been unfaithful to me in the previous life. I had just discovered that he had done the same thing to me. He had been having sex with someone else behind my back. But the thing that was different in this life was my reaction to it. I felt sad that it had happened and I finished the relationship with him completely and immediately. Then the hypnotist asked me to move forward to another significant event in that life and I saw that woman swimming in the sea, smiling. She had gotten over the break-up with him and was happy being with herself. 

The hypnotist then invited me to come back to the room in the full waking state on the count of ten, which I did. Then he asked me what I had learnt from the experiences. I thought about it for a moment. I said that the two lives had taught me that if you commit suicide you just have to come back and have the same experience again, so suicide is not a solution. 

I’m not saying that my analysis is necessarily a correct one. I was put on the spot at the time. I was feeling a little shell-shocked by the whole thing and a little bleary-eyed after returning from such a deeply relaxed state and I felt under pressure to tell him what I had learnt, so it was the first conclusion to come to my mind. After thinking about it further, and being very scientifically-minded, I wouldn’t like to come to any conclusions from just one experience. I would like to hear from other people who have had past life regressions, so please write in the comments if you’d like to share anything.

During the few weeks after that session I felt a connection to that woman. I didn’t identify with her as being me, but as another person. The experience had been like being really immersed in a very good movie. During the session at times I was experiencing it through her eyes and at other times I was experiencing it as a fly on the wall. After leaving the hypnotherapist’s house I felt like I had come out of the movies, but more so.

My interest in hypnosis and hypnotherapy continued to grow from there and now, thirty years later, I am a fully-qualified hypnotherapist.

If you would like to have a past life regression with me you can contact me here

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Kathleen Baldwin
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