Customer Reviews

Fantastic results. Would highly recommend Mark

5.0 rating
March 5, 2020

After a single session with Mark I feel significantly more confident and comfortable when travelling by air than ever before. Mark was extremely professional and friendly throughout and I’d thoroughly recommend him to anyone suffering from anxiety around flying

Liam Sheehan


5.0 rating
January 26, 2020

Like everybody, I thought Hypnotherapy was a little bit of hocus pocus, but having tried everything to stop smoking and finding myself smoking more after, I found Mark through google and thought what do I have to lose. After my first session I left feeling still very sceptical and thinking, “well let’s see” I have no idea how this works, but it has totally and for 3 months I have been tabaco free! In my mind I am a non smoker, I feel already much healthier and find the thought of smoking repulsive.
This being said, Mark also is very professional, calming and generous. He sent me a free download of a personalised recording to help for those moment the nicotine might call me. But I didn’t even need that very much. I have also download a calm and relax recording you can find on his website, and it really helps me before sleeping. I gave mark 5 stars but he really deserves 10.

Philip Viana King

No more fear of dentists

5.0 rating
October 16, 2019

I’ve been going to the dentist since I was a teenager. Always remember feeling so uneasy and stressed. I could never overcome that fear. Mark has helped me so much in less than half an hour! He has changed that fear for relaxation and trust. The last three times I visited the dentist after the hypnosis I couldn’t believe how relaxed I felt! Mark is a great healer, thank you Mark!

Maria Carmen Blanco

I fell asleep on the plane

5.0 rating
August 2, 2019

At first I was a bit sceptical about hypnotherapy but I was pleasantly surprised. After listening to Mark’s download I felt extremely relaxed and positive. At the airport I didn’t feel nervous at all and during the flight I felt relaxed enough that I fell asleep (something that I’m not usually able to do). I plan on listening to it again before any flight I take in the future. I would definitely recommend Mark’s download!


Exam focus

5.0 rating
July 31, 2019

My son had a session with Mark before his end-of-school exams to help him to focus on his studies and he said it made a big difference to his ability to focus on his revision, and to concentrate in general. Well worth trying. BTW he passed his exams

Lourdes González Castaño

No more insomnia

5.0 rating
March 31, 2019

Some eighteen years ago I was suffering from lack of sleep. I turned to Mark for help. Since my Hypnotherapy sessions with him I have enjoyed a near perfect sleep pattern.

Dorian Sims

I quit cannabis

5.0 rating
March 20, 2019

I can thoroughly recommend Mark Searson Hypnosis for quitting cannabis; after finding myself a slave to the weed for many years I’d tried and failed over and over to go it alone. However after listening to his mp3 download I’m very happy to say a I’m now a quitter of 2 months duration! Many, many thanks to you Mark, you’ve saved my life AND my bank balance!

Kathleen Baldwin

I quit smoking

5.0 rating
January 12, 2019

I recommend Mark. After more than 25 years of smoking I quit smoking with little effort since my first session with Mark.